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Grading all 32 First Round Picks

These are my 2022 first-round grades for all 32 picks. These grades are based on my opinion of the players, the fit, and the team's needs. They are also graded in a vacuum. What I mean by that is, if a team has two picks, or gets a player, later on, I will not factor that into an earlier picks grade.  An example is Jermaine Johnson II to the Jets. I think they would have been better off taking him at 10 at the time of the Garrett Wilson selection, so my grade bakes that into it. If I were grading in hindsight, which I am trying not to do, I would bump that grade up a bit.  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars - Travon Walker  - EDGE Grade: B While I do the EDGE was the right move with the re-signing of Cam Robinson, I just think they went with the wrong guy. Walker does have a ton of untapped potential, and if the Jags believe in their development team, then Walker will end up being a great pick.

2022 Predictive Mock Draft

This mock draft is predictive. This is trying to pick players based on a combination of fit, need, reports, and overall perspective on how the consensus perceives each prospect. I do not agree with all of these selections (please don't kill me Jaguars and Seahawks fans). Most of these will be wrong, and I'm okay with that. If you want my opinion on the players drafted, you can click on their names to view their individual profiles.

Fowler Football 2022 Mock Draft

This mock draft is not predictive. It is what I would do if I were the GM of every team picking in the 1st round. Most of these picks are a BPA at a position of need, but a few are very scheme-specific needs where a player might go a bit higher than you'd expect. To learn more about my thoughts on the players drafted, you can click on their names to view their individual profiles.