My Favorite Pick from Every Team

Over the 3 days of the NFL draft, there were a lot of great "value" picks that people raved about across the internet. While I don't agree with every single one of those takes, I do think that every team had at least one "value" pick from the players that I scouted. 

In this article, I am going to talk through my favorite pick that each team made in the 2022 NFL draft. This isn't always going to be my highest-rated player or the player the team drafted first. These selections are a combination of talent, fit, and draft capital spent to get that player. "Value" is definitely part of it, but it goes further than just that.

Arizona Cardinals - Jesse Luketa - LB

Round (Pick): 7th (256)

My Grade (Round): 70.76 (3rd)

Luketa is not a home run by any stretch. He is a below-average athlete for a linebacker, but he is really smart, instinctual, and plays the run well. He also has some good pass rush chops as a converted DE from Penn State. He's an awesome find in round 7 and should be able to play in sub-packages.

Atlanta Falcons - Desmond Ridder - QB

Round (Pick): 3rd (74)

My Grade (Round): 73.98 (2nd)

If Atlanta did this at 8, people wouldn't totally hate it. There were talks of Ridder in the top 10. If they did this at 43, or 38 after they traded up, I would've bought in. But they got him at 74! Mariota isn't the long-term answer, but he is a good stop-gap to give Ridder a year to learn the playbook, get NFL coaching, work on the accuracy, and most importantly, get more of an infrastructure in place. Love this from Atlanta even with other QBs I liked more on the board.

Baltimore Ravens - David Ojabo - EDGE

Round (Pick): 2nd (45)

My Grade (Round): 77.67 (1st)

Look, I get it. The Achilles is a brutal injury. It would be hard to spend a top 50 pick on a guy with this type of uncertainty. But you'll notice a trend with some of my favorite picks. Taking a shot on players that were awesome prospects, like Ojabo, that have a chance to play at the level they were in college is worth it for me at a certain point. Love the player and the risk at 45.

Buffalo Bills - Khalil Shakir - WR

Round (Pick): 5th (148)

My Grade (Round): 72.13 (3rd)

I wanted to put James Cook here so badly. Not because of the value in round 2, but the fit is so perfect in Buffalo with Josh Allen and their offense. But a guy that I had 1 spot behind Cook on my big board was Shakir, and he goes to Buffalo 3 rounds later. The fit as a YAC guy for a team that was so bad after the catch last year is a huge upgrade to the receiving corp that I think will make an early impact.

Carolina Panthers - Matt Corral - QB

Round (Pick): 3rd (94)

My Grade (Round): 75.52 (2nd)

Ickey was an unreal pickup at 6th overall for this team. The fit, the need, and the value were great. But Corral was my #1 QB in that cluster of 4 QBs with 2nd round grades for me, and Carolina got him at 94. He has a real shot to compete with Sam Darnold for the day 1 starting job and I think he has the potential to be a plus starter down the line.

Chicago Bears - Jaquan Brisker - S

Round (Pick): 2nd (48)

My Grade (Round): 75.09 (2nd)

This isn't a huge value pick for the Bears. I had a high-two on Brisker, and the Bears got him in the heart of round 2, but he is a really versatile player that can jump into a starting role from day 1. Between him and Kyler Gordon, along with the signing of Tavon Young, the Bears did a very good job of adding some starters and versatility to their back 7.

Cincinnati Bengals - Daxton Hill - S

Round (Pick): 1st (31)

My Grade (Round): 76.42 (1st)

I like what the Bengals did across the board, addressing some serious holes in the defense. While I don't think they got a ton of value at every pick per se, the fit of Dax Hill as a nickel/SS hybrid in a defense that struggled against the pass at times throughout 2021 works really well. He can compete with Mike Hilton to be the day 1 nickel and be the long-term replacement if Vonn Bell walks.

Cleveland Browns - Perrion Winfrey - iDL

Round (Pick): 3rd (108)

My Grade (Round): 74.16 (2nd)

I didn't love what Cleveland did across the board if I'm being honest. Some strange picks were made throughout days 2 and 3. They didn't have a ton of draft capital due to a trade they made in the off-season that I'd like to ignore, so they didn't have a ton to work with. The one pick that stands out in a positive light is Winfrey. A big-time need that I thought should have been a 2nd round guy easily. The very good Cleveland D-line just got a lot better.

Dallas Cowboys - Damone Clark - LB

Round (Pick): 5th (176)

My Grade (Round): 72.55 (3rd)

While I disagreed with the pick at 24, there were some very good moves by Dallas on days 2 and 3. Damone Clark in the 5th is a steal for a team that has had a ton of turnover at LB. Clark adds some speed coverage to the LB corp that allows Parsons to play more and more on the LOS.

Denver Broncos - Greg Dulcich - TE

Round (Pick): 3rd (80)

My Grade (Round): 72.51 (3rd)

With the departure of Noah Fant, and the TE room thinning, getting your new QB another passing weapon is a really solid move. Giving Russell Wilson as many pass-catching options as possible is an important factor for a team that's going to need to put points on the board to compete. They potentially had bigger holes here, but with EDGE being addressed ahead of Dulcich, this move made a ton of sense.

Detroit Lions - Aidan Hutchinson - EDGE

Round (Pick): 1st (2)

My Grade (Round): 86.00 (Top 10)

It's lame, I know. They had several other picks that I liked later on, but they did the right thing. They stayed put at 2, stared down the barrel at the best player in the class, and just took him. They didn't go QB, they didn't go corner, they did the right thing and took the best player available at a position of absolute need.

Green Bay Packers - Rasheed Walker - OT

Round (Pick): 7th (249)

My Grade (Round): 71.13 (3rd)

I didn't like Quay Walker at 22 at all. I get why they did it, I just didn't agree with the value. But I love what they did after that. They drafted great plays at positions of need, and closed out the draft with a guy that I think can be a starting tackle with some additional coaching. Rasheed Walker was a very good left tackle in the Big Ten and has a chance to develop into a starting tackle for Green Bay down the line.

Houston Texans - Christian Harris - LB

Round (Pick): 3rd (75)

My Grade (Round): 73.00 (2nd)

The Texans got solid value across the board in my opinion. They reached a touch on a couple of guys, but one guy that fell to them was Harris. I think he has great athletic tools and good coverage skills to add to a defense that had a ton of holes. They needed to come in and get a bunch of good players, and they did, but Harris was the one I liked the most with the draft capital used.

Indianapolis Colts - Bernhard Raimann - OT

Round (Pick): 3rd (77)

My Grade (Round): 74.80 (2nd)

The Colts got a potential starting left tackle nearing the end of day 2. I know there were talks of medical concerns, and some teams removed Raimann from their board entirely, but he was a great pick at 77. He might have some rawness, but he's gonna be lining up with Quentin Nelson on his right, so he has plenty of room to learn and grow and make mistakes.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Devin Lloyd - LB

Round (Pick): 1st (27)

My Grade (Round): 78.82 (1st)

This would 1000% be Chad Muma as my favorite pick for the Jaguars IF they didn't already take Devin Lloyd. Double dipping on linebacker is not my favorite move, but where they took Lloyd, with the need in their back 7, I loved the pick. He has great coverage skills and instincts. He didn't test as freaky as expected, but he's a great fit and is a day 1 starter.

Kansas City Chiefs - Trent McDuffie - CB

Round (Pick): 1st (21)

My Grade (Round): 81.32 (1st)

I know he's small. I know he has short arms. And I know they traded up for a 5'10 corner. But he's an awesome fit, can play inside/outside, and most importantly he's a baller. McDuffie is a dude that you're going to love unless you're playing against him. He's super competitive, technically sound, and will play well above his size. This is one of my favorite picks in the entire draft.

Las Vegas Raiders - Dylan Parham - iOL

Round (Pick): 3rd (90)

My Grade (Round): 75.12 (2nd)

The Raiders didn't have a ton to work with after dealing for Davante Adams. But man, Dave Ziegler and co. did an awesome job at the end of day 2 and day 3. The double-dip on RB is weird, but they did some great work, and Dylan Parham headlines the class. He was a stud at Memphis and has a real chance to be a day 1 starter, and a very good one at that.

Los Angeles Chargers - Jamaree Salyer - iOL

Round (Pick): 6th (195)

My Grade (Round): 71.88 (3rd)

I literally didn't care what the Chargers did once they took Zion Johnson. They need to get the best 5 guys in front of their franchise QB. But Salyer in the 6th, regardless of if you think he is a guard or tackle, is awesome OL depth and has the potential to play his way onto the field over time, possibly as a RT, or maybe at guard if you want to kick Feiler outside (which they reportedly don't want to do).

Los Angeles Rams - Kyren Williams - RB

Round (Pick): 5th (164)

My Grade (Round): 71.86 (3rd)

I mean, the Rams will never have a ton of draft capital, and they don't care. Their vision was fulfilled, and they can say their philosophy worked no matter what happens now. They didn't get a ton of plus starters right away, but Kyren is a guy that will contribute on 3rd down from the get-go. He isn't the fastest or strongest, but he's great in pass pro and as a receiver.

Miami Dolphins - Channing Tindall - LB

Round (Pick): 3rd (102)

My Grade (Round): 71.20 (3rd)

Well, the Dolphins used most of their draft capital to get Tyreek Hill, which was an awesome move for them. And with that, they drafted one guy that I graded, not having a single top 100 pick. Luckily, he was a top 100 player for me, and at a position of need, so I am a fan. He's not a day 1 starter, and he played so few snaps at Georgia, but he has good tools. At the end of day 2, I like this move.

Minnesota Vikings - Andrew Booth Jr. - CB

Round (Pick): 2nd (42)

My Grade (Round): 82.03 (1st)

You can go read what I wrote about Ojabo above. I get he has injuries. I get he fell for a reason. I just don't care at this pick. He was a top 10 player for me. He has the best ball skills in the class and improved a ton over his time at Clemson. If he can get on the field, even if he isn't at 100%, he is a major upgrade and plus starter for a team that needed one.

New England Patriots - Marcus Jones - CB

Round (Pick): 3rd (85)

My Grade (Round): 69.91 (4th)

I must have a completely different philosophical approach to drafting and grading players than New England. But man, even then, I just hate the approach. This class is all over the place to me. Cole Strange is a good player, and he was 93rd on my board, but they took him at 29. The only other player I see making an early impact is Marcus Jones. I don't love the "value", and I know he is small, but he can be a day 1 nickel.

New Orleans Saints - Trevor Penning - OT

Round (Pick): 1st (19)

My Grade (Round): 82.13 (1st)

I'll continue to pound the table for this player and this pick. Penning is awesome. He isn't a perfect prospect, and I get the holes in his game, but he can flat out ball and be physical. He has great traits, and the Saints are awesome with development. This is a rare combination of a guy with good tape and good tools that finds a team that has a glaring need at LT.

New York Giants - Evan Neal - OT

Round (Pick): 1st (7)

My Grade (Round): 84.33 (Top 10)

Another one where it is boring, but honestly the Giants didn't do great outside of the first round in my opinion. But to sit at 7, and get not only the 2nd player on my board, but the perfect fit at Right Tackle, you can't do much better than this. Neal was my favorite offensive player in the draft and the Giants paired him with another top 4 player on my board to build their trenches.

New York Jets - Jermaine Johnson II - EDGE

Round (Pick): 1st (26)

My Grade (Round): 82.00 (Round 1)

If the Jets got Jermaine Johnson at 4, it would've been fine. If they got him at 10, it would've been very good. But to get him at 26 is just absurd. He might be older, and he might have some questions as a consistent pass rusher, but the Jets filled a huge need opposite of Carl Lawson and land a high floor, potentially high ceiling prospect to hold down the edge. Don't look now, but the Jets are pretty deep in the front 4.

Philadelphia Eagles - Nakobe Dean - LB

Round (Pick): 3rd (83)

My Grade (Round): 75.23 (Round 2)

Add Nakobe Dean to the list of 3rd round picks that I had in my top 50. While Dean isn't a freak athlete, or awesome in coverage, the instinct and play around the line of scrimmage is probably the best in the class for linebackers. I know there is uncertainty around his health, and that's for sure a concern, but this is another spot where the player is too good not to take a shot on.

Pittsburgh Steelers - DeMarvin Leal - iDL

Round (Pick): 3rd (84)

My Grade (Round): 74.81 (Round 2)

Rinse and repeat with round 3 guys in my top 50. Leal was a 1st rounder coming into 2021-2022, and to put it nicely, he played his way out of the first round. He lacked effort and athleticism on the edge and inside for A&M. But this dude has all of the tools and the versatility to play all over the line for Pittsburgh. They needed long-term answers on the interior, and they nailed it with Leal in the 3rd if he can get back to 2020 form.

San Francisco 49ers - Drake Jackson - EDGE

Round (Pick): 2nd (61)

My Grade (Round): 69.33 (Round 4)

This is a weird one, and might be the exception to my rule. I had a 4th on Jackson. A high 4th, but still a 4th. But, this is a situation where I love the fit. He doesn't have to start. He can develop behind the likes of Nick Bosa and Dee Ford. And he can sub in for pass-rushing situations playing next to Javon Kinlaw and Arik Armstead. Jackson is super toolsy and raw, but I think he can grow and mold in this defense with San Francisco.

Seattle Seahawks - Tariq Woolen - CB

Round (Pick): 5th (153)

My Grade (Round): 73.47 (Round 2)

Seattle did awesome, which I was surprised to say. I like, don't love, Cross at 9, but the fit is great. Mafe on day 2 was great. Walker was questionable that high but I get the concern with the RB room. But to sit there on day 3, outside of the top 150, and take one of the highest ceiling players in the draft, was just spectacular. Woolen is raw as hell and needs a ton of coaching, but man does he have all the tools to take a shot on, especially in round 5.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cade Otton - TE

Round (Pick): 4th (106)

My Grade (Round): 70.86 (Round 3)

With Gronk news looming, getting a very solid Tight End on day 3 was a great move. Otton isn't an elite prospect, but he was a very good receiver and fills an immediate need even if Gronk is back for another year. They didn't have a lot of needs in the starting 22, but Otton does fill a role and was a good find early on day 3.

Tennessee Titans - Malik Willis - QB

Round (Pick): 3rd (86)

My Grade (Round): 74.75 (Round 2)

Whether Ryan Tannehill likes it or not, Malik Willis in the 3rd is sensational. The offense, the situation with Tannehill in place, it is a great spot for Willis to land. He gets time to sit and learn from everyone but the starter apparently and can take over down the line when Tennessee moves on from Tannehill. I don't think Tannehill should be the reason you don't take the shot at Willis, and I'm glad the Titans were the ones to pull the trigger.

Washington Commanders - Sam Howell - QB

Round (Pick): 5th (144)

My Grade (Round): 70.15 (Round 3)

If you would have told me 4 of my favorite picks for teams were QBs, I would've been stunned. And if you told me one was Sam Howell, it would've been even crazier for me. I really like what they did with Brian Robinson Jr. in the 3rd, but Howell has a chance to be an average starter in the NFL and is a great insurance policy to the Carson Wentz experiment, which I am not a fan of. They have a good infrastructure in place for Sam Howell to come in, potentially next year and make them a playoff contender.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few players that I really liked that might've been overshadowed by another player on their teams. Again, they aren't all going to be immediate impacts, but the combination of fit, need, and "value" was great at the selection for me.